Video: How to Prioritize Any List without Criteria!

PMI-MNRecorded Webinar:  “How to prioritize any project list without criteria”

Speakers:  Reine Kassulker & Fred Newman

Event ID:  C018130503DW

PDUs:  1.0

Cost:  FREE

What if we told you that if you have a list of IT projects, you have everything needed for successful IT project prioritization?

In this FREE webinar recording hosted by PMI Minnesota.  You will learn a simple, proven method to quickly and easily prioritize your list of projects, requirements or tasks; even when ranking criteria doesn’t exist.  With this prioritization technique you can prioritize a large list of projects in short period of time.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to conduct a prioritization exercise using pair-wise
  2. How to prioritize without any ranking criteria
  3. How to reduce a list of any size and focus on the most important outcome

About the Speakers:

Reine Kassulker, is an IT specialist and Certified ToP Facilitator who has provided coaching and facilitation services for hundreds of executives and project teams, in both public and private sectors. He is also the Host of Meeting Tips Radio at

Fred Newman, IT Strategist, Hennepin County.  Prior to Hennepin County, Fred worked as a business strategist for several major corporations including National Car Rental and Target Corporation.  In his current position, Fred provides coaching, workforce planning and financial analysis for IT managers and executives.

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